Friday, 13 April 2012

So first off – South Sudan.

So first off – South Sudan. The newest country in our world. First impressions on nearing Juba (see photo below) is relatively barren land with a sparse population. It is also HOT! Normally around 40 degrees centigrade or 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

First evening had a meal with the Juba team of international staff. Going round the table from left. Laura volunteered to be a short term base administrator. Gero an experienced MAF Pilot. Brian (that’s Laura’s husband) normal does IT with MAF US and its continuing his IT work remotely (the wonders of modern technology!). Cory – He is from the US and is volunteering for a few months seeking the Lord’s direction. Adrian – arrived the same day as me and is doing a 2 month stint helping with the operations. Adrian and his wife have been with MAF for many years but he is helping throughout the year on short term work.. And lastly Mike who is a pilot.

The MAF office at Juba made out of 2 porta-cabins. The Juba base is undergoing significant developments in the coming year.

Got up very early in the morning – that’s me! To help with loading a Cessna Caravan. Mike told me that he had recently taken Baroness Cox on a flight recently as she is currently on visit to assess the current situation.

Now I am back in Nairobi. Please pray for the staff in South Sudan as there is considerable tension between the Government of the Sudan in the north and South Sudan over the oil fields on the border. I understand that fighting has taken place.